The Lone Wolves’ Legion

Terrorism, colonialism and capital
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About the book

Since 2011 attacks that sow terror in the hearts of people all over the world have increased significantly, both in their frequency and intensity. Victims of these attacks have also increased, in the West and, more specifically, elsewhere. Is there indeed a war of terror, as many political leaders would have the world believe?

In his examination of the relationship between the West and the rest of the world, the author turns many dearly held Western assumptions on their heads. Peter Knoope convincingly shows the fundamental differences over key concepts such as existence, time, development and violence.

Bob de Graaf, senior lecturer in Intelligence and Security Studies at Utrecht University

Highly recommended for anyone wanting to explore the notion of security.

Fulco van Deventer, founding member of the

Human Security Collective

Peter Knoope is the former director of the International Center for Contra-terrorism and senior visiting fellow at the Clingendael Insititute. In Terror, Colonialism and Capital, he draws on a lifetime’s experiences to present a deeply personal perspective on the phenomenon of terrorism in the modern world.


Chapter 1

The rise of terrorism

Chapter 2

Another perspective

Chapter 3 Two worlds

Chapter 4 Finding solutions

Chapter 5


Towards a new paradigm


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