HSRC Illustrated English-isiXhosa Maths Dictionary Grade R to 9

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About the book  

Helping learners understand and retain mathematics lessons is a challenge faced by teachers, parents and the government. One reason is that most learners learn mathematics in English, which is not their home language, and so they must spend time translating each concept taught by the teacher into isiXhosa. Also, parents find it difficult to explain English mathematical concepts, especially if they have never studied mathematics themselves.

The Maths Dictionary is a response to this problem. It is accessible to parents helping their children in their studies and learners. Each term is not only defined in both English and isiXhosa, but also accompanied by a picture that reflects the life of isiXhosa-speaking people. This is one of the features that will make the learners enjoy using this dictionary, as it talks about things they know, even though these things are not strictly mathematical concepts but rather show how mathematical concepts work. The terms were selected by mathematics experts and teachers – people who work with learners and understand their challenges.

This dictionary is mathematics support material that learner, teacher and parent alike can use.